Carrefour UAE online offers, pay less with these tactics


Are you still spending more in Carrefour UAE while they have offers and deals continuously, here you can find the smart unnoticed sales tactics which Carrefour use:

Why Carrefour exit is always very far from entrance?

How many times people went to Carrefour to buy only water and they end up buying the whole grocery, the answer is a lot. The reason is that the exit is very far from the entrance, so people don’t buy one or two items and leave, instead they go through the whole shop and see other carrefour offers and buy more, that is called upselling.

Why Fruits and vegetables are always near the entrance of Carrefour?

It will encourage people to come in, the fact that people are buying green stuff makes them feel satisfied, and create the impression that took the right decision toward their health, it will encourage people to buy Cola, Chocolate, Chips and ice cream which are located exactly on the following counters and shelves.

Why too many brands are displayed for the same item in Carrefour UAE offers?

Let us take olive oil as an example, most people don’t really care which Olive oil brand they would buy, but when they are searching for Carefour offers, they would find at least 30 olive oil brands. Which offer will they choose? The one at your eye level.

Studies showed that customers select the products that are at the same level of their eyes, human eyes aren’t comfortable with the continuous repeated movement up and down in supermarkets. Ok I got you, then why they are presenting 30 olive oil brands?

Studies showed that people feel much better if you see so many options in front of them, and it will make them feel satisfied that they chose the best option during shopping, while in reality most people choose the product that is at their eye level, and that’s what they show us in advertisements as well.
Unsurprisingly the shelves which are at the common people eye level are the most expensive ones.

Why gums, candies, are always displayed next to the cashier in Carrefour UAE?

The answer is kids, while surely people will be on the queue with your kids, the kids will start shouting and crying for these gum and candies at the cash counter, people around will start staring, most people will feel shy, they will just buy that gum or these candies.

Another explanation is saying that people would never search for gum or candies during shopping, hence they will bring it to you to the cash.

What are the benefits I’m getting from Carrefour offers:

the French outlet is offering good quality products in affordable prices in UAE, however I’m sure you don’t prefer to stay in Carrefour UAE cashier queues, Carrefour Abu Dhabi has less crowds as most of Abu Dhabi grocery customers prefer Union coop rather than searching for a Carrefour nearby.

Carrefour UAE tried to solve that challenge by launching Carrefour online UAE, where you can shop online for your groceries, yet you can’t insure the quality of your meat and vegetables as you are choosing them while shopping by yourself, but still a convenient option though.

Carrefour UAE offers online deals, but rarely for water, yet Lifey App is a better option, you will get the best water offers in UAE ever as quick as possible.

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