Drink water benefits, here you can find many articles about many water brands in Dubai and UAE, also comparisons between the water brands in UAE. Lifey App provides the top water delivery service in United Arab Emirates, along with that, we believe that we should provide informative details about water brands in UAE for our customers, sharing the knowledge and adding value to your life is part of our mission. Drinking water benefits are endless, from fighting most of the human diseases, killing many types of bacteria, especially when drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning, till fighting heart diseases and increasing your body metabolism, and most important our mental health. Few people all over the world are misunderstanding drinking water benefits and in some cases they over drink water, that causes many issues, over drinking can cause poison to your body cells if you would drink 9 liters of water a day, that will also make your body to lose important minerals, however these cases are few.

Lifey water delivery app delivery timing

Lifey promotes fast free delivery to all over UAE, your order will be delivered as soon as possible if you place your water order anytime in a day before 3PM, and you can select the delivery time which will suit you the best, we are working so hard to enrich your experience and to provide the best possible service to you. The possibility of scheduling your water delivery is possible as well, more important, you can automate the water delivery process by using the Lifey App one time only, selecting your water brand and offer, the quantity, the delivery time and frequency, then our algorithm will remember all of your upcoming orders, so you will have one less thing to worry about, and you might not need to reorder your water every time, you can edit the quantity or cancel your subscription anytime with Lifey, no fees, no headache.

Lifey: Best Water Delivery in UAE
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Lifey: Best Water Delivery
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Cheaper | Faster | Easier | Smarter