Nestle water UAE, offers and facts


Facts about Nestle

Annual sales globally over $1 Billion with more than of 300,000 employee.
Nescafe from nestle was the official drink for US military during world war II
The water nestle is the main revenues contributor, Nestle sells more liquid beverages than anything else.
Nestle Dubai water had an increasing demand for offices in UAE, however the offices water delivery demand became lower due to the lockdown.

Nestle water delivery

Nestle water delivery is considered one of the most convenient ones, yet they can’t commit on delivery time, you can expect your water delivery Dubai in 24 hours, nestle waters Dubai delivery is faster than other emirates delivery, hence nestlé Dubai revenues are higher. If you are looking for a fast free water delivery then Lifey App is the answer, all water brands with Lifey are discounted with a fast free water delivery on top.

Nestle water offer, coupons

Nestle water UAE offers are limited to big corporates, a better option is LifeyApp where you can buy best water brands at lower prices, also you will get it delivered fast.

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