Top UAE apps that make your life easier in 2020


Lifey app

Automated free water delivery in UAE, lifey app is a cheaper, faster, easier and smarter option to order water at discounted prices while getting fast free delivery on top.
The additional value of Lifey is that you can select your preferred water delivery frequency (every 5 days, weekly, every 10 days,..) and you will continuously have your water delivered at your doorstep at your desired time with no further interactions, no coupons, no headache, hence one less thing to worry about.

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Zomato App

the leading food delivery app offers a unique section for food delivery offers, where people can get from 30% to 50% discounts from a variety of restaurant, once you download Zomato app, you can find these offers on the top.
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Cafu App

The leading petrol delivery app, with Cafu mobile apps you can order petrol for your car at the comfort of your home at the same petrol station rates and no delivery fees, Cafu is reshaping the fuel delivery industry in UAE
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UC App, Urban Company

UC is providing maids on demand with a high-quality cleaning service at discounted rates, two hours of cleaning will cost from 50 AED to 70 AED, depending whether you are requiring cleaning materials or not.
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Almowafir App

an app specialized in discounts vouchers, a variety of coupons in UAE for free, Al-Mowafir app is adding tens of coupons and offers everyday.
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El grocer app

One of the best grocery delivery apps in Dubai offering free delivery in many occasions, discount vouchers from time to time with multiple promo codes, all you have to do is to download the app and wait for your upcoming offers.
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Here is a list of the top Dubai and UAE apps that makes people life easier while you save more money on the top:

Download Lifey Now
Download Lifey Now